Table Selection

Table Selection

Knowing how to choose the best table is a skill you should master. Always try to find a table where you think you have the largest edge. Avoid the regulars and focus on your edge. Poker is competitive by nature, but you should never play against good opponents. The tables where you can easily obtain an edge is in wild games with loose passive players. There are four criteria you should look for before selecting a table.

Players to the flop
Tables with a high flop percentage are the loosest games you will find. Try to find tables with percentages above 40% which are typically very wild and juicy. You can find this percentage in the lobby of the poker site software.

Average potsize
Keep your eyes open for tables with a high average potsize. This means more money is invested in pots with marginal hands. At these tables you’ll usually find lots of loose passive players, also known as calling stations.

Fish at the table
Tables with fish are generally very good for your winrate. The games can be very swingy and unpredictable but also highly entertaining. Always join the waitinglist if a known fish is sitting at the table.

Number of regulars at the table
Avoid tables with regulars because they will hurt your winrate badly. You can also have an edge on some of the regulars but the edge will be larger when playing against worse players. Always focus on the first three criteria before you try to outplay the bad regulars.