Introduction To Online Poker

Since the recent poker boom in 2005, online poker has been steadily growing and is by far the most popular online gambling game. Hundreds of thousands of players pit their wits against each other everyday, winning millions of dollars. Absolutely anybody can do this, you just need the skill, information and tips to learn how to. This is the whole point of this website, which hopefully will give you the skills to pay the bills!

In our strategy articles we will go through picking the right table for you, top 5 mistakes players make, top 5 poker tips and finally how to build your bankroll. These are the fundamental skills all poker players need to make money, and if you follow the steps correctly you will find yourself doing just that.

Poker is a game of luck and skill. If you ask any winning player they will say the game involves far more skill then luck and vice versa if you ask a losing player. Players make their own luck depending on the situation they put themselves in. If you get extremely unlucky in a hand which you shouldn’t even be playing, did you get unlucky or did you create your own bad luck?

There are hundreds upon hundreds of poker rooms available online. If you are just entering the poker scene and are not aware with any rooms, I would suggest you stick to a large well known room such as PokerStars or Full Tilt for example. Each room has its advantages over others so after a while it is really about personal taste as to which room you play in. You may find Room A has lots of fish on the limits you play, but Room B has a fantastic initial deposit. In this instance I would advise you to stick to one room instead of spreading your bankroll out too thin whilst starting out.