Poker Position

Poker Position

Playing your position is a big factor in Texas Hold’em. Your position is where you are sitting in relation to the dealer’s button. Players who are first to act are in early position; players who act next are in mid position and the players who act last are in late position.

The players who act last, in late position, have a great advantage over the other players sitting in earlier positions. They have more information to decide what to do than players who act first. If players who act earlier pre-flop fold their hands, the chances of having the best hand will go up for the players acting last.

This means you can play a wider selecting of hands from late position than in early position. Before playing a hand you should always keep in mind which position you are in. Let’s say you are in early position and you are dealt 76 suited and call the big blind. Your hand is great to see a flop with but to your suprise the player behind you decides to raise and another person reraises.

When you are raised and reraised you are forced to fold your hand. Your initial investment in the pot is lost. Therefore, it’s recommended to play rather tight in early position and to open up in later positions.

In late position on the flop you have the option to close the betting round if everyone checks to you. When everyone checks you can also try to take the pot down and make a semi-bluff since it is likely everyone missed the flop. Late position gives you the opportunity to make the best decision.