How To Evaluate a Poker Bonus

How To Evaluate a Poker Bonus

There are many online poker sites that offer poker bonuses to new players which makes it difficult to choose a sign up bonus. Some of these poker bonuses are given to new players after they make a deposit while others are given after signing up at the online poker site.

The last couple of years this has become the most important tool in inviting new players to the online poker site. For a large number of players these poker bonuses are an appealing opportunity to increase their bankroll significantly. It is recommended, especially for new players, to profit by these free money deals. Poker bonuses with a high amount look appealing but are usually very difficult to complete. Before choosing a sign up bonus the player need to know a couple of aspects of the sign up bonus.

There are several aspects to look at when deciding which sign up bonus a person should choose.

First, there is the poker sign-up bonus amount. Poker bonuses often range up to two hundred percent and more of the new players first deposit. Large bonuses are certainly the best but also harder to obtain. The amount differs a lot at each online poker site since some online poker sites offer just $200 while others offer poker bonuses more than $2000.

The poker sign-up bonus match is another important aspect. The poker sign-up bonus match is a percentage of the players first deposit. For example, a $150 poker sign-up bonus with a 25% match means that if the player deposits $600 the player will receive the total $150 bonus – (25% of $600 being $150). This amount is usually credited to the players bonus account.

Another important factor are the sign-up bonus requirements. The amount of points that are needed for each $1 in bonus money. These numbers can be found in the sign-up bonus terms and conditions. For example, a $50 bonus with 12 points per $1 means that 600 points need to be earned before the bonus is credited to the players account.

When it comes down to points it is also important to know how difficult these points are earned at the players limits. Points usually count when the pot reaches more than $1 depending on the online poker site.